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Cabinetry accounts for 80% of the viewing space in your kitchen; it is the first thing that someone will notice when walking into the room. It can be a challenge when considering your budget and weighing the options of either refacing, painting or replacing cabinetry. Here are some questions and  information for you to consider when deciding what is best for your investment.

Are your cabinets damaged, beginning to fall apart or are you experiencing structural issues?

Sometimes, damaged cabinetry is beyond repair. If the frames are beaten up, chewed up, have large chunks of missing wood, are water damaged, moldy or rotted, they may have to be replaced. The structural integrity of your cabinets is important, if you are noticing that they are becoming detached from the wall, there is drooping or sagging these are signs that cabinets are beginning to fail. Cabinet boxes constructed from MDF aka fiberboard are notorious for separating from the wall because the wooden nailer strip fail or the anchors were installed into drywall instead of into the studs. If your existing cabinetry is in great condition, refacing or painting them can be a budget friendly option for you to consider.

Have your cabinet's been painted in the past?

Previously painted cabinetry can present a number of challenges and in some cases may not be able to be refaced or painted due to different variables. Your consultant will be able to determine if refacing or repainting the cabinetry will be possible during your home consultation.

If your cabinets are real wood, are they Oak?

Different types of wood lend better to being painted than others. Oak wood grain for instance, will show through a painted finish. Painted cabinetry will never look brand new as you would expect from brand new cabinetry.

Are your cabinets poor quality, low grade compressed particle board, wrapped in thurmofoil or made out of metal?

We will more than likely recommend that the cabinets be replaced. We do not offer services for painting or refacing thermofoil, pre-painted MDF or metal cabinetry.

 Are you looking to make extensive modifications or changes to the layout such as: removing walls, changing out components to accommodate moving appliances or updating the design elements of the cabinets themselves?

Painting or refacing existing cabinetry is an option when the layout is not being changed.  Sometimes, clients opt to do partial changes to the layout (like adding an island) in which case, we will design your island with the use of new cabinetry. If you are removing walls with existing cabinets, we will not  remove and reinstall existing cabinetry. Lastly, we do not add on new cabinets to existing cabinets.

So, after these 5 considerations you have decided to paint or reface your cabinets per the recommendation of your consultant.

We can offer the following benefits:

  • High Quality Painting :  Having your cabinets painted properly by a professional is KEY. Our professionals spray a lacquer paint in order to provide a finish that will endure and withstand the normal wear and tear of daily use. We spray your cabinets to alleviate the texture that is created when the surface is painted by hand.
  • Modifications & Accessories:  Although we do not add to existing cabinetry, we do offer new pulls and knobs that will make an impactful difference in the look of your cabinets. We can evaluate your existing cabinetry to see if the installation of soft close hinges and tracks can be installed. Not all existing cabinetry is able to have these soft close features installed.
  • Storage Solutions: Organization and storage can be improved by installing cutlery trays, Lazy Susans, pull out pan organizers and baking sheet dividers. These are just a few of the storage options we have available to improve your existing cabinetry if your existing cabinetry allows for these organizational solutions to be added. Whatever option you choose, you can feel confident that you can trust that we will recommend whatever is best for the protection of your investment. Our goal is not only to design and execute beautiful kitchens but to provide you with cabinet solutions you can count on and enjoy for many more years to come.



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