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You have questions and we have answers.

Here are some topics that arise often during the course of our conversations with potential clients. Don't see an answer to your specific question? No need to worry!  Feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we will do our best to provide you with assistance. 


This measuring guide will walk you through how to obtain rough measurements of your space. The measurements will help our sales representatives to give you an estimated price for your  countertops when you visit our showroom. Making rough sketches of the floor plan of your space; it doesn't have to be accurate, will allow us to see the layout of your countertop. 

~ Use your tape to measure the length (A&B) and the width (C) of your countertops.
~ Write down the measurements in inches.
~ Measure to the edge of your appliances unless the appliance goes under the countertop completely, such as the dishwasher.


What is the average cost range of a kitchen or bath remodel?
Due to the different variables pertaining to each project, we cannot provide a range of costs. However, an in home consultation will provide us with all the necessary information we will need to customize an estimate for your project.
Do you offer financing options?
We do not offer financing at this time.
Can I purchase all of my own materials and just hire you to install everything?
In order to maintain quality standards and to be able to warranty the labor on your project, we do not solely provide installation labor service at this time.
Do you sell remnant stone?
Yes. We have a vast array of remnant stone available for small projects. A scheduled visit to the showroom is required in order to view the inventory. We do not provide a list of remnant stone over the phone. Installation service may or may not be available and is dependent on the scope of work and location.
Can I just purchase and have countertops installed? I don't need anything else.
Absolutely! Our roots are in fabricating and installing countertops. Please refer to the diagram below on how to measure and supply rough measurements for a countertop quote. Final measurements will be confirmed on the day that we come out to template for your job. We have access to many stone suppliers and can have any material you choose delivered to our fabrication warehouse located at our Alpharetta Showroom.
Will my countertops have seams?
Stone is usally sold in slabs that are no more than 9 ft. long, because of this most kitchen countertops will have at least one seam. The seam is determined by the layout and will be reviewed upon the client's approval of the template.
What is Engineered Quartz?
ENGINEERED QUARTZ also known as Manufactured Quartz (not to be confused with Quartzite): Is a manmade product created from natural materials. It's 90-94% ground quartz and 6-10% resins and pigments that are combined into a durable and non porous slab. It's resistant to abrasions, scratches, dents and even acids. It's low maintenance and doesn't require to be sealed. Patterns, designs and colors are vast and are more consistent than natural stone slabs. Engineered quartz is a great choice for countertops, backsplashes, walls and even floors. It is not recommended to be used outside because the resins aren't UV stable. Slabs of Engineered quartz have a temperature heating point of 300 degrees, placing hot pans directly on the surface are not recommended. Easy cleaning includes warm water and soap
What is Granite?
GRANITE: Is a 100% natural porous stone that is quarried from the earth. The only natural stones that are stronger than granite are diamonds, rubies and sapphires. It is highly durable, has a high heating point which makes it ideal for kitchen installations and outdoor applications. You can place hot pans on the surface. You can maintain scratching and staining to Granite tops by applying a good sealer. Slabs have visual depth, patterns and colors that can't be replicated and make each slab unique. Granite is composed of a variety of minerals, one of which is quartz, which is normally found in translucent, white or grey colored granite slabs. To keep Granite looking beautiful throughout the years requires the application of sealer on a yearly basis, unless you choose a long term sealer such as Dry Treat 15 year sealer.
What is Quartzite?
Quartzite (not to be confused with Engineered or Manufactured Quartz): Is a 100% natural stone. Quartzite is slightly harder than Granite. On the Mohs scale it measures at a 7 where Granite measures at a 6-6.5. Quartzite looks like marble but has the durability of Granite. It is usually white or grey in color with veining and faint traces of other color from natural minerals. Maintaining countertops requires applying sealer on a yearly basis unless you invest in a long term sealer like Dry Treat.
What is Marble?
Marble: Is a stone that is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine and is one of the most beautiful and sought-after stones for centuries. Marble is a limestone that has been compacted and heated over millions of years. It is less porous and slightly stronger than limestone. Marble rates 3-5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Slab colors are translucent and vary in different tones of white and grey with veining throughout. Marble countertops require frequent sealing and care. Special care has to be taken to prevent staining and erosion. Spills must be wiped up quickly especially spills that have an acid component such as wine, coffee, lemon or tomato (these are just a few examples) that will etch the surface.
What is Travertine?
Travertine: Is a form of limestone that is deposited by mineral springs. It has a fibrous, worn, antiqued appearance and comes in white, cream, tan and rusty colors. Popular quarries are located in Italy , Turkey, Iran, Peru and Mexico. Travertine is a great choice when attempting to create a remodel that conveys ancient beauty. Because of the porous nature of travertine, it absorbs water therefore making it slip-resistant. It will stain and etch so cleaning up spills quickly is highly recommended. Travertine ranks a 4-5 on the Mohs scale.
How do I take care of my countertops?
Wipe up and clean up spills immediately. Use a clean dry cloth for best results. Clean stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner such as mild liquid dishwashing liquid and warm water. Too much cleaner or soap may leave a film or cause streaks. Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with the soap solution and wipe until dry with soft cloth. Re-seal countertops at least once a year, we offer a Dry Treat sealer that is the best on the market. Do not use any products with acid, lemon juice, or vinegar to clean surfaces.
Will my slab look like the samples in the showroom?
The samples you see on the website or personally in the showroom may not be an exact match. Natural stone colors and designs are created by forces of nature and although slabs may look similar they will not be an exact replica. Natural stone is susceptible to a wide variation of color, texture, spotting, veining and fissures. Engineered Quartz samples will be a close replica to what you can anticipate your slab to look like but may not be an exact match. Any slab that you select for your project will be shipped to our facility. You are welcome to view your slab before the start of your project.
Can I cut on my countertops?
Granite: Yes - the only thing that can scratch granite is a diamond. We recommend that you use a cutting board for all other natural stones and engineered quartz.
I've noticed some pits on the surface of my stone is this normal?
Natural stone countertops may have tiny pits, this is due to the spaces between the various mineral crystals. Stone may also have fissures which look like and may at times even feel like cracks but are not structural defects and are a natural result of the immense heat and pressure that formed the stone eons ago. These characteristics are part of the natural beauty of stone and will not impair the function or durability of the material. A product of nature cannot be expected to look manmade.
What is the difference between a drop in sink and an under-mount sink?
A drop-in sink sits on top of the cutout in your granite counter. An under-mount sink sits beneath the cutout.

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